posted Oct 1, 2015, 11:48 AM by Andy Nguyen
http://www.lyceeyersin.org/tap-anh/photo-albums/lesyersinsserencontrentasaigon  Is Tran Dac Nhon..... father of Tran Dac Nghia? I am sure he is because I used to call my cousin...Anh Nghia ...Anh Nghia...My e mail is kimnet49@yahoo.com ..I was on your web site because I was looking for my friend Elyse Kim Chi, she used to live in Dalat and attended  Lycee Yersin in 1967 I went thru all the pictures of all promos but did not see her name, I'll send her picture to you right away...Thanks a lot!!!!

Elyse Kim Chi...The third picture...(First picture...Therese Tran thi Hoan MC promo 1967, second picture Threse Hoan et Odile Nguyen kim Lien MC promo 1968,,,Tran dac Nghia's cousin)