What is the Difference between Wife and Girlfriend?_

posted Aug 5, 2018, 9:11 PM by Andy Nguyen
*Joke of the day!* 

_What is the Difference between Wife and Girlfriend?_

Great Thought in *Modified* Version....

*Wife* is like a *TV* and *Girlfriend* is like a *MOBILE.*

At home  you *watch* TV,
but when you go out you *take* your MOBILE.

Sometimes you *enjoy* TV.
But most of the time, you *play* with your MOBILE.

TV is (as good as) *free* for life.
But for the MOBILE, if you don't *pay,* the services will be *terminated.*

TV is *big, bulky* and most of the time *old.*
But the MOBILE is *cute, slim, curvy, replaceable* and *portable.*

Operational costs for TV is often *acceptable.*
But for the MOBILE, it is often *high* and *demanding.*

TV has a *remote.*
But MOBILE *doesn't.*

Most importantly, MOBILE is a *two-way communication* (you talk and listen)
But with the TV, you *MUST only listen* (whether you want to or not)!!!!😝

Last but not least....!
Yet TV s are superior because
TVs don't have *viruses,*
but MOBILEs often *do....!!!!*😂

And mobiles can be easily *hacked* or *stolen.*

*_Take Care._*
Stick to TV only..!!!